Born April 3, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He began to study piano at the early age of 7 years, in the National Conservatory Lopez Buchardo. Later he expanded his studies of Compsition, Arrangements, and Orchestra Conductor, with several teachers like Juan Carlos Cirigliano and Lito

At the age of 16 he starts playing piano and composing music for TV shows and Theatres. He plays with great musicians like Juanjo Dominguez, Nestor Marconi, Juan Alberto Pugliano, Mariana, Óscar de la torre, Ramón Arcusa, Machan Taylor, Mike Rivas, Carlos Marzan, Alberto Favero, Peter Erskine, Paul Wertico, Mark Egan, John Patittucci, Joan Valent, Bruce Pomahac, Paloma San Basilio, El Dúo Dinamico, Albert Hammond, John Cameron, Barry Mason

In 2000 he moves to Spain where he works as Musical Conductor, Pianist and Arranger for different artists, Shows and Musical Comedies, like "La Bella y La Bestia", "Estamos en el Aire", "Annie","Jeckyll & Hide", "La Jaula de Las Locas", "Zorba", "My Fair Lady","El Fantasma de la Opera", "Victor Victoria","Los Productores", "Quisiera Ser", "Grease", "Spamalot", "Cantame Como Paso" TV1, "Don Juan Tenorio","Avenue Q", "The Last Horseman", "Ay, Carmela", "The Sound of Music", etc.

He also works as arranger and pianist for the 2 grammys winner Paloma San Basilio.

He has more than 30 Cds recorded as pianist and arranger for different artists.

In 2005 he records his first Cd "Frontera Cero" "Nada que declarar" with Víctor Gil, Patxi Pascual & Paul Wertico.

In 2007 he records his new Cd "Thousand Miles" with Peter Erskine, Paul Wertico, Mark Egan, Machan Taylor and many more.

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